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Gender Reveal
2D, 3D, & 4D Scans

Early pregnancy ultrasound pictures for gender, health, and much more

   Baby Ultrasound

We are so excited for you and your pregnancy and love to be a part of this process in your journey. We offer several services separate from your routine prenatal care and strive to be competitive with our costs in the area.

Everyone including those who are not established patients with us can schedule an ultrasound with our offices.

If you are interested please call at (509) 838-4211 and ask to schedule with our sonographer Joti. She will reach out to you to set up a time that works best for you.

These are ultrasounds that are not part of your routine pregnancy care, and thus not covered by insurance and will be paid out of pocket prior to the time of your scan or at the time of your visit. These are not reviewed with a medical provider and thus are excluded from any diagnoses of your pregnancy and medical care.

Why consider early pregnancy ultrasound pictures?

Many patients want to be reassured that things are going well in the pregnancy and see their baby. We have ultrasound scans available so you can see your pregnancy.

Gender Reveal
    Ultrasound Options

Curious if you are having a boy or girl? Hello Baby is a genders scan starting at 16 weeks of pregnancy! Planning a gender reveal party? Our ultrasound tech will write the gender in an envelope—and we can provide print, digital images, and video clips sent via text message.

Services we offer

2D Ultrasounds

3D/4D Ultrasounds

Early Gender Ultrasounds

Early Pregnancy Scans

B&W and Color digital images

B&W print images

Video clips sent via text message

Hello Baby!
2D Scan*

(7+ weeks) - $75

8-10 minute scan
Look at baby in 2D
Watch and listen to baby’s heartbeat
Black and white digital images
2 Black and white printed images

Hello Baby!
3D & 4D Scan*

(10+ weeks) - $100

10 minute scan
Look at baby in 2D, 3D, and 4D
Watch and listen to baby’s heartbeat
3D/4D look at baby (when possible)
Black & white and color digital images
Video clips sent via text message

For many, one of the MOST EXCITING times of their pregnancy is finding out the sex of the baby (if they are female or male) and we are thrilled to show you or share for a surprise reveal you are planning!

Gender Reveal
Ultrasound Scan

(16+ weeks) - $125

15-minute scan
Look at baby in 2D, 3D, and 4D
Watch and listen to baby’s heartbeat
Gender reveal
Black & white and color digital images
Video clips sent via text message
5 Black and white printed images

Gender Surprise!
Ultrasound Scan

(16+ weeks) - $135

15-minute scan, with everything included in the Gender Reveal Scan, except the gender

Take home a gift box that contains a blue or pink toy and a printed black and white gender picture to open later

3D Baby

Throughout your pregnancy there will be routine screening with blood tests and ultrasound(s) to monitor your baby. For your convenience we offer 3-D Ultrasound and non-stress testing at our office. Our ultrasounds are performed by a licensed sonographer, and read by a physician with special training in Ultrasonography.


Closer to the end of your pregnancy we will discuss your delivery plans and answer any questions you have about your birth options. We deliver at Providence/Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Hello Baby Appointment

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