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The First
Heartbeat to the First Breath

We love caring for pregnant women and want to be there to support you in your incredible journey. We know that having your baby is one of the most extraordinary events in your life. From hearing the first heartbeat to the first breath of you newborn, our caring team works hard to create an environment of mutual trust and respect where you are involved in decisions regarding your pregnancy care and delivery. At our clinic, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of personalized care for yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy Services
Routine & High Risk

Pre-pregnancy Consultation

An essential step towards ensuring a successful pregnancy journey

General Obstetrics

Comprehensive care for women: pregnancy, childbirth, & more

High Risk Obstetrics

Comprehensive care to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby

Vaginal & Cesarean Delivery

Providing you with personalized care and education regarding your delivery


Twin pregnancy is a unique experience that demands specialized care and attention

Ultrasound SERVICE

Routine prenatal ultrasounds and Hello Baby 2D, 3D, & 4D Ultrasounds

Testing In Pregnancy

Our doctors make the newest recommendations for testing in pregnancy


A time of adjustment and transformation, and we are here to help you in your journey


Sacred Heart Medical Center, which provides state of the art labor and delivery suites

New Mothers

Congratulations on our new pregnancy! This is an exciting time in your life, and the health of you and your baby is our top priority.

During your initial visits to our clinic we will review
your health history, perform a detailed physical exam, including Pap smear if indicated, and review pregnancy information. You will have screening blood tests and we will discuss further routine and optional screening for your pregnancy.

You will have several scheduled appointments with Spokane OBGYN through out your pregnancy. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What to Expect

Pregnancy can be exciting and also overwhelming. The first sign of pregnancy is often a missed period, while other symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and frequent urination may occur in the early weeks.

You should schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and start prenatal care. As your pregnancy progresses, your doctor will monitor your health and the health of the growing fetus.  It is important to listen to your body and communicate any concerns to us during office visits.

Click below to learn more about what you can expect through every step in your pregnancy journey!

1st Trimester

In the first month of pregnancy your baby is about a quarter inch long and weighs less than one ounce. By about week 6, baby starts to sprout arms, legs, hands and feet. Hair, skin and nails develop between 5 and 8 weeks. By 14 weeks your baby is about 3.5inches long and weighs little more than one ounce with all major organs developed.


In the first three months you will experience many changes! Symptoms of pregnancy vary greatly between women; you may or may not experience:

Stopped period

Enlarged tender breasts

Frequent urination



Food cravings or aversions




Mood swings

What You Can Do

In the first trimester you should:

2nd Trimester

Your baby is growing incredibly fast! He or she now has completely formed eyelids that react to changes in light. The entire body is covered in lanugo, a soft hair. Also the external genitalia become distinctly male or female! Your baby may start to suck his or her thumb now, as the sucking reflex is quite strong already. At about 20 weeks your baby is about 7 inches long and weighs between 10 and 12 ounces.


In the second trimester (weeks 13-28) you may experience:

Increased appetite

Abdominal expansion

Back and hip pain

Skin stretches

Aches from stretching of uterine ligaments

Dark line may appear down middle of stomach

Feet and ankle swelling

Brown patches may appear on face

Fetal movement*

* Fetal movement may begin to be felt towards the end of the second trimester

What You Can Do

In the second trimester you should:

3rd Trimester

It’s the start of your final trimester! Your baby’s taste buds are developed and he or she can respond to the changing tastes of the amniotic fluid. Their skin is less wrinkly as fat begins to fill in their contours. Your baby can make grasping motions with their hands. At 28 weeks your baby weighs about three pounds and is approximately 11 inches long. In the last month your baby should put on about half an ounce of fat each day and the lanugo is almost gone.


In your third trimester (weeks 28-40) you may experience:

Strong fetal movements

Shortness of breath

Navel protruding

Need to urinate more often

Nipples may leak yellow, watery colostrum

Dark line may appear down middle of stomach

Feet and ankle swelling


Pelvic discomfort, as baby may shift to a head down position

* Contractions may be Braxton hicks

What You Can Do

In your third trimester you should:

Irregular Symptoms

If you experience any of the following symptoms call your Doctor’s Office.

If you cannot reach your doctor’s office, go to the nearest Emergency Room.


Closer to the end of your pregnancy we will discuss your delivery plans and answer any questions you have about your birth options. We deliver at Providence/Sacred Heart Medical Center.

   Baby Ultrasound

We are so excited for you and your pregnancy and love to be a part of this process in your journey. We offer several services separate from your routine prenatal care and strive to be competitive with our costs in the area.

Everyone including those who are not established patients with us can schedule an ultrasound with our offices.

Services we offer

2D Ultrasounds

3D/4D Ultrasounds

Early Gender Ultrasounds

Early Pregnancy Scans

B&W and Color digital images

B&W print images

Video clips sent via text message

Hello Baby Appointment

Construction Notice

The City of Spokane Valley is improving the Pines & Mission Intersection near our Spokane Valley location. 

Starting April 15th, 2024, most of the work will happen between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM, with some daytime work too.

They’ll try to limit traffic disruptions, keeping the intersection open and businesses accessible but please plan accordingly when visiting our Spokane Valley office.

Click below for more details:

We can expect minor traffic changes mostly around the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection. This involves digging for the wall, upgrading traffic and pedestrian signals at Pines & Mission intersection, and improving its northeast and southeast corners.

Traffic revisions involve closing westbound Mission Avenue and the northwest shoulder of Pines Road near the 190 offramp, with ongoing modifications to traffic signals, retaining wall construction, sidewalk improvements along northwest Mission Ave, and prep work for repaving Pines Road and Mission Ave.

Traffic changes will close westbound Mission Avenue and part of the northwest Pines shoulder, limit center lanes on the east side of Mission and the south of Pines, pave parts of Mission Avenue and Pines Road, and reconstruct the traffic island at the Pines Road and Mission Avenue intersection.

Mission Avenue will be fully closed from the Pines intersection westbound to just before Applebee’s parking lot’s west driveway, with center lane restrictions on eastbound Mission. The project involves grinding existing asphalt, paving new asphalt, adding traffic islands, installing new road markings and signs, and landscaping the northwest quadrant of Mission and Pines.