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Pre-pregnancy Consultation

A pre-pregnancy consultation with your doctor is an essential step towards ensuring a healthy and successful pregnancy journey. Here are a few things we will discuss at your consultation:



Meeting with one of our providers will allow us to establish a rapport and encourage open communication during your pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care. 


Medical History

We will review your complete medical history, including past pregnancies and gynecologic health.  Special attention will be spent on any medical conditions that may impact your pregnancy, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders or other immune conditions.  We encourage you to bring information about your family medical history so we can identify and discuss any hereditary factors that may impact a future pregnancy.



We will discuss and encourage a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, to support a developing fetus.  We also encourage starting a prenatal vitamin before you are pregnant to prevent against some birth defects such as spina bifida. 



Exercise is very important to maintain your overall health and prepare your body for the demands of pregnancy.  We can discuss your exercise routine and any adjustments that need to be made upon a future pregnancy. 



There are many community diseases that can adversely affect growing fetus. Some of these diseases can be prevented or protected against with vaccination or immunization. Most vaccinations and immunizations are safe to administer during pregnancy, but some are advised to be done prior to pregnancy. We will discuss your immunization history and suggest any vaccinations necessary to keep your baby safe. 


We are excited to talk with you and help set the foundation for a healthy and successful pregnancy, promoting the well-being of both you and your future child.


We are conveniently located Downtown Spokane in the Doctors Building and in the Spokane Valley. You can request an appointment online for either location.

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Spokane Valley

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