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Women's Health

Our providers are expert in common issues in obstetrics and gynecology.  As one of the first women’s health providers in Spokane, Spokane OBGYN remains committed to providing high quality care to all women in the Spokane and surrounding areas. Our expertise spans from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and surgery.  We will spend the time needed to help you with any women’s health concern with care and attention.

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When dealing with issues surrounding menopause, put your care in the hands of our experienced medical team.  We understand that menopause can sometimes come with many new challenges.  Our goal is to help you get the care you need in the way you prefer.  We know that every woman is different and that treatments and goals should be individualized to meet the needs and wants of each woman.  Your health and comfort is our priority.  

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Sometimes further evaluation is needed to diagnose and treat gynecologic conditions. Our doctors are all trained and competent in a range of gynecologic procedures and surgeries.  Our goal is to perform the most minimally invasive surgery available when appropriate to help diagnose and treat your gynecologic condition and provide you with the best recovery possible.

Endometrial Ablation (Novasure)

An endometrial Ablation is a procedure to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. The procedure uses radiofrequency to remove the endometrium, or lining of the uterus.  This results in much lighter or absent menstrual periods.


Hysteroscopy allows the doctor to visualize the inside of the uterus. A thin telescope is placed into the uterus through the cervix. With this procedure, your physician can diagnose and treat gynecologic conditions affecting the uterus or cervix.


A minimally invasive surgical technique which allow doctors to do a variety of procedures through a very small incision(s). A thin telescope is placed into the abdominal cavity through a small incision, usually through the umbilicus (belly button). Laparoscopy can be used to diagnose or treat many gynecologic conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, and adhesions (scar tissue). This procedure is used in hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, tubal sterilization, and fibroid removal.


Hysterectomy is a surgical removal of the uterus. It is usually done to treat menstrual disorders or pain, but can also be used to treat malignant disease. A hysterectomy can be performed abdominally, vaginally or laparoscopically. A hysterectomy can include removal of the ovaries and cervix or not. A supracervical hysterectomy is a hysterectomy done without removal of the cervix.  Most hysterectomies are performed laparoscopically as minimally invasive surgery and are associated with better recovery.

Incontinence Repair (Bladder Sling)

This is a minimally invasive procedure performed vaginally to eliminate or significantly reduce urinary incontinence symptoms (leaking urine). Through a small incision in the vaginal wall a small amount of synthetic material is placed to support the bladder neck, where support has been diminished.

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