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Prenatal Care and Testing

Pregnancy Visits Having regular prenatal care during your pregnancy can help you have a healthy pregnancy.    Your first appointment should be around 8 weeks of pregnancy or 8 weeks after your last menstrual period. After that, general pregnancy care consists of the following prenatal visits: Every 4 weeks during the first and second trimester […]

Safety and Travel in Pregnancy

Safety in Pregnancy Seat Belt Safety Always wear your seat belt while driving, positioning the lap belt under your belly and across your hips.   Hot Tubs and Saunas Avoid hot tubs and saunas as they can raise your body temperature, which is not recommended during pregnancy.   Maximum Bath Water Temperature Set the water […]

Welcome to Spokane OBGYN

Congratulations on your Pregnancy! At Spokane OBGYN, we are delighted to join you on this incredible journey towards parenthood.   Providers and staff We have a team of board certified physicians, physicians assistants and ultrasound technicians who are committed to providing you with the best personalized care possible during your pregnancy. We take care of […]

High Risk Pregnancy

What is a High Risk Pregnancy? A high-risk pregnancy refers to a pregnancy where there is an increased chance of potential complications for you, your baby, or both, compared to a typical pregnancy.  If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you will need careful monitoring and specialized prenatal care to ensure the well-being of both you […]

Harmful Substances

Alcohol Alcohol is generally considered unsafe in pregnancy. There is no known safe amount of alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Alcohol exposure in pregnancy can cause developmental problems in the fetus that are lifelong.    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) FAS is a disorder caused by exposure to alcohol use in pregnancy.  It is associated with growth […]

What to Expect in your Pregnancy

Zika FAQ's

Your body will go through many changes as your baby grows.  A lot of these symptoms are normal.  You may experience morning sickness, breast tenderness and mild cramping.   Click below to see more information about how your body will change and normal symptoms of pregnancy.   Visit What to Expect   Morning Sickness Dealing […]

Disease prevention

Preventing Disease During Pregnancy Because of the changes in to your body in pregnancy, you are more vulnerable to infection from viruses and bacteria.     Listeria Unheated deli meats could potentially increase the risk of listeria but listeria infections but the risk in recent years is not substantial. Instead pregnant women should avoid foods that […]

Genetic Screening Options

Testing for genetic conditions Along with general screening in pregnancy and ultrasounds, we offer two types of genetic screening. These screening tests are usually done in the first trimester and are optional.   Aneuploidy testing Aneuploidy testing, or chromosomal testing, identifies your risk of having a baby with an abnormal amount of chromosomes.  The most […]

Diet & Exercise in Pregnancy

Diet A balanced and nutritious diet is vital for your well-being and the healthy development of your baby. Consider the following dietary recommendations:   Folic Acid: Adequate folic acid intake is crucial in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. Pregnant women should aim for 600-800 micrograms of folic acid per day. […]

Labor and Delivery

When it comes time for delivery, an on-call physician will deliver your baby.  This will most likely be a doctor from our clinic, however, we do share call with other doctors in the community and there is a small chance that delivery will be performed by one of our call-partners.    If you are having […]

Construction Notice

The City of Spokane Valley is improving the Pines & Mission Intersection near our Spokane Valley location. 

Starting April 15th, 2024, most of the work will happen between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM, with some daytime work too.

They’ll try to limit traffic disruptions, keeping the intersection open and businesses accessible but please plan accordingly when visiting our Spokane Valley office.

Click below for more details:

We can expect minor traffic changes mostly around the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection. This involves digging for the wall, upgrading traffic and pedestrian signals at Pines & Mission intersection, and improving its northeast and southeast corners.

Traffic revisions involve closing westbound Mission Avenue and the northwest shoulder of Pines Road near the 190 offramp, with ongoing modifications to traffic signals, retaining wall construction, sidewalk improvements along northwest Mission Ave, and prep work for repaving Pines Road and Mission Ave.

Traffic changes will close westbound Mission Avenue and part of the northwest Pines shoulder, limit center lanes on the east side of Mission and the south of Pines, pave parts of Mission Avenue and Pines Road, and reconstruct the traffic island at the Pines Road and Mission Avenue intersection.

Mission Avenue will be fully closed from the Pines intersection westbound to just before Applebee’s parking lot’s west driveway, with center lane restrictions on eastbound Mission. The project involves grinding existing asphalt, paving new asphalt, adding traffic islands, installing new road markings and signs, and landscaping the northwest quadrant of Mission and Pines.

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